The Seasons at Oak Glen


Spring at Oak Glen Christian Conference Center

Green fields, blooming wildflowers and ornamental plum trees signal that springtime in Oak Glen has arrived. As the weather cools and light rain restores the land’s vegetation, visitors can enjoy mild temperatures at an altitude above the smog. In this picturesque and relaxing season, prepare to hike the hillsides, tour the town’s historic farms and eat outside for an afternoon picnic. As you drink in the clear mountain air and breath out the anxieties of everyday life, you are reminded of God’s promise of resurrection and life eternal with our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Apple blossoms are another beloved marker of spring here. Oak Glen’s annual apple blossom festival in April celebrates the season for an entire weekend with carriage rides and even a treasure hunt. The celebration is packed with activities that take place throughout Oak Glen’s five mile scenic loop.

If you’re looking for a friendly place that accommodates groups of all sizes to host your next spring retreat, Oak Glen Christian Conference Center is happy to welcome you. A trusted camp since 1957, OGCC offers comfortable lodging and amenities, delicious food, and a joyful staff to serve you. In addition to participating in the activities the town has to offer and visiting local businesses, campers come together to worship God and spend personal time with Him.

Regardless of your group’s size or the ages of your group members, all can escape to a place free of everyday distractions to reconnect with God and strengthen fellowship with one another. When you’re ready, please book your stay.